Sugar – The Sweet-Tasting Assassin

Sugar – The Sweet-Tasting Assassin

Sugar Sweet Tasting… and Very Dangerous

Many scientists and health experts are now arguing that sugar is as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco and poses a huge health threat to modern society. 

Sugar is now being described as a ‘sweet tasting poison’ 

But why is this? Sugar occurs naturally in many foods, where it provides taste and texture and energy. Sugar is also a building block of carbohydrates. 

Problems arise when we add sugar to food and drinks and when we consume fizzy soda drinks, confectionery products and, sadly, many other modern processed foods that contain more sugar than your body can safely process. 

According to the experts: 

  • Calories rich in sugar are 11 times more likely to cause diabetes than general calories.
  • Sugar is the single biggest cause of obesity.
  • Sugar has no nutritional value.
  • Sugar is addictive, it tricks our brains into thinking we’re not full when we are.
  • Sugar is the single biggest cause of tooth decay and tooth loss, it literally rots our teeth.
  • Sugar is mood-altering; it creates an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows, it exhausts us.

Much of the blame can be attributed to the fructose molecule within sugar. Fructose, it is believed, fools the brain into thinking we’re not full when we are. Excess fructose cannot be converted into energy; instead it is turned into liver fat, which in turn causes problems like heart disease and diabetes. 

But, doesn’t fructose occur naturally in fruit? And isn’t fruit supposed to be good for you? Yes and yes, but the amount of fructose in fruit is very small. 

The big problem is things like corn syrup which can contain up to 90% fructose. It is these fructose-rich products which are added to otherwise bland-tasting foods like breakfast cereals, bread and ketchup which are harming us. 

The benefits of removing sugar from our diet are dramatic: 

  • Fast, healthy and sustainable weight loss
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved concentration
  • Better dental health

Without unnecessary sugar, you very quickly look and feel happier and healthier. 

The good news is that quitting sugar is a lot easier than you might think. Millions of people around the world are successfully quitting sugar every day. There are no diets involved. You eat and drink regularly and healthily throughout the day. You behave normally. You don’t need any will-power, only commitment and self-belief and good choices. Remember, all the sugar you ever need occurs naturally in healthy, nutritious food.

 Three simple changes in your life, backed up by commitment and self-belief will lead you to a happier and healthier life. 

Firstly, eat regularly and healthily throughout the day. Erratic eating habits caused by busy, stressful lifestyles often cause sugar cravings. If you find yourself desperate for a ‘sugar hit’, the chances are that your blood-sugar levels are low. Going long periods without food, eating highly processed (and sugar-rich) snacks rather than proper meals, and missing meals, can all result in low blood-sugar levels which lead to cravings for high sugar snacks.

Consuming healthy food and drinks regularly throughout the day, is much more likely to keep blood sugar levels on an even keel and avoid sugar cravings. 

Secondly, don’t add sugar to your food and drinks. They don’t need it (this is especially true in the case of packaged foods). You’ll be amazed how quickly you appreciate the subtle taste of nice food and drinks.

Finally, (and this is much easier if you’ve followed steps one and two), avoid sugar-rich food and drinks. We all know about fizzy drinks and confectionery. But watch out too for foods rich in corn syrup, things like:

  • Sauces and dressings
  • Pickles
  • Packaged breads
  • Breakfast cereals and bars
  • Packaged snacks

Don’t fall for ‘low fat’ messages on packaging. Does the product contain corn syrup? What is the total calorific value? 

Many clients are not only achieving significant weight loss by cutting out sugar, they’re also feeling calmer and healthier.

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