Sports Performance

Hypnotherapy aids sports performance by helping athletes develop mental resilience and confidence and by neutralising the impact of negative thoughts.

I have helped lots of people across a wide range sports including; runners, triathletes, golfers, tennis players, hockey players, bowls players and footballers.

The Mental Aspect of Sport

While there’s no alternative for fitness and technical training, it’s often mental factors that separate a successful performance from an unsuccessful one.

Many people regularly do well in practice, but, when the pressure’s on in a competitive situation, nagging doubts, negative thoughts and even anxiety can inhibit their performance. Usually, the cause is stored deep in the  subconscious mind and only manifests itself in stressful situations.

How Hypnotherapy Helps Sports Performance

Hypnotherapy helps sports people by creating a relaxed and confident state of mind and by using positive guided imagery to prepare for challenges, setbacks and unexpected events.

During hypnosis athletes can utilise proven techniques to:

  • Neutralise ‘triggers’ that prompt negative thoughts and anxiety
  • Develop confidence and mental resilience
  • Practise mental rehearsal and visualisation
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