Anger Management

Cognitive hypnotherapy is very effective in helping people control their temper and preventing anger from exacerbating difficult situations.

Anger – A Destructive Emotion

Anger is a highly destructive emotion that can have a hugely negative impact on both individuals and their working or home environment.

In all areas of life, events will happen that seem unfair to us. How we respond is crucial. The choice is between anger and annoyance.

When we’re angry, we assume that the unfair event was deliberately targeted at us. We can’t stop thinking about it and we respond with irrational and inappropriate behaviours. In effect, we self-sabotage and lose the legitimacy of our case.

However, when we’re annoyed, we’re not happy with the unfair event but we remain rational. This allows us to make a realistic assessment of what has happened and take assertive, constructive action in response.

How Cognitive Hypnotherapy Helps Keep Anger Under Control

Cognitive hypnotherapy helps keep us recognise emotional triggers and keep our emotions under control so that we can respond to unfair and unhelpful events/behaviour in an appropriate and assertive manner. Thus instead of antagonising the situation, we are more likely to resolve it positively and prevent its recurrence.

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