Marathon / Distance Running

Hypnotherapy can help distance and marathon runners perform to the best of their ability during race situations by preventing negative thoughts and emotions from sabotaging performance.

The Importance of Mental Preparation in Distance Running

Mental preparation is crucial to distance running performance.

Every year many thousands of people prepare assiduously for an important run like the London Marathon. They leave nothing to chance in terms of training, diet and equipment and yet many runners fail to deliver the performance they are capable of.

Often, the problem is lack of mental preparation for the inevitable pressures, challenges, setbacks and unexpected events that happen on the day.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Distance and Marathon Runners

I have helped many serious and fun runners achieve personal bests by helping them stay focused and postive throughout the race – whatever happens. Techniques like visualisation help runners prepare for and cope with difficult and unexpected events, whilst positive self-talk and affirmations negate unhelpful thoughts and emotions and boost endurance.

Hypnosis not only allows runners to fulfil their potential, it often allows them to enjoy the occasion as well.

How hypnotherapy helped 2 marathon runners achieve their goal

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