Hypnotherapy helps golfers by preventing negative thoughts from sabotaging their game and helping players stay calm, focussed and positive throughout the whole round.

How Mental Aspects Affect Golf

In golf your main competitor is usually yourself

Whilst all sports people are vulnerable to mental pressure, golfers are more susceptible than most, because of the time they have to reflect between shots.

Events, surroundings, other competitors and previous shots can all act as triggers for damaging negative thoughts.

How Hypnotherapy Helps Golfers

Hypnotherapy, applied with visualisation and positive thinking techniques can help you stay calm, focussed and in the moment, so that you perform to your maximum ability and, just as importantly, enjoy your round!

Obviously, you still have to play and there’s no substitute for a sound technique, practice and good coaching.

How a visit to a hypnotherapist saved my golf game and developed my interest in hypnotherapy.

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