Assertiveness Training

Hypnotherapy can help you stop other people taking advantage by teaching you how to assert assert yourself in a calm and forceful way that commands respect without confrontation.

Why Do People Treat Me Like This?

Do you ever wonder ‘why do people treat me like this’?

The answer to this question is because you let them.

In all areas of life we get the treatment we tolerate. If you feel that others consistently take advantage of you or don’t respect you, then you’re probably not asserting yourself.

When we don’t assert ourselves, we feel frustrated and often take out our frustrations on ‘innocent’ people like friends and family

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Be More Assertive

Hypnotherapy can give you the confidence and self-belief to stand up for yourself and prevent others taking advantage.

If you want others to change the way they treat you, you first need to change the way you treat them.

Assertiveness training in hypnotherapy is not about being aggressive, it’s about recognizing when ‘a line has been crossed’ and having the confidence to calmly assert yourself in such situations.

It’s a very empowering and productive process.

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