Mindfulness-Based Hypnotherapy

Mindfulness-Based Hypnotherapy

The roots of mindfulness are based on Buddhist practice and go back thousands of years and variations of it have been practised since. In recent years, mindfulness has been brought into mainstream medicine and scientists have been able to establish links between the practice of mindfulness and improvements in areas such as: 

  • Stress reduction
  • Blood pressure and heart disease
  • Sleep quality
  • Pain management
  • Gastrointestinal issues

Being mindful has been shown to help people: 

  • Deal with adversity
  • Enjoy life more
  • Form more meaningful connections with others
  • Be less concerned with concepts like success and self-esteem 

Ironically, whilst mindfulness helps people deal with the stresses of modern life by removing the pressure to succeed, people who are mindful are more likely to find solutions quickly and easily and achieve their goals. 

Our life is a series of moments, from this moment now… to this moment now… The only time you can ever understand anything, appreciate anything, experience anything, enjoy anything or achieve anything is right this second now. 

Yet, very often, we waste perfectly good ‘nows’ by focussing on past events that have already happened and can’t be changed, or worrying about future outcomes that may not even take place. 

For example, many people spend their time at work thinking about when they can go home. But, when they’re at home, they spend their life worrying about going back to work. 

Focussing on past events can often lead to depression, worrying about the future often causes stress and anxiety. Fully experiencing the moment we are in (i.e. being mindful), brings enlightenment and satisfaction and optimism. 

The time we can experience and enjoy and appreciate, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, is now. 

Our thoughts determine our emotions and our emotions greatly influence our health and happiness. 

We can’t control the world around us or the actions of other people.

But, when we are mindful, we can control our thoughts and how we perceive and respond to life’s events. 

Our minds are like rivers. And many rivers are formed by melting snow high in the mountains. And as the meltwaters converge they crash and rage down the steep mountain slopes using their power and energy to carve channels in the rock face as they surge onwards. But eventually, the river reaches the valley and slows and calms and then the river reaches the meadow and slows further as it meanders gently towards the sea. 

None of what the river does is right or wrong, it just follows its course. Everything that happens is part of the overall experience.

Life is what it is, it’s not right or wrong, or fair or unfair, it’s just life. 

So, wherever your mind is on its journey from the steep mountain slopes down to the sea, remember, it’s just following its course. Don’t fight it or judge it, be aware of it, embrace it and experience what is happening at this moment, now. 

Being mindful will empower you to be aware of and take control of your thoughts and emotions and, in turn allow you to respond to life’s events constructively. 

There’s a lot of common ground between hypnotherapy and mindfulness and together, the two complement each other well to form a powerful combination. 

Mindfulness-based hypnotherapy is highly effective in successfully treating many psychological and physical issues and helping people find solutions, it’s also an excellent tool for sports people whose performance is often sabotaged by their own thoughts. 

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