Managing Memories for Positive Change

Managing Memories for Positive Change

Your Past Isn’t Your Future 

Managing Memory for Positive Change 

A recent research study published in Psychological Science was picked up by the media because it seemed to suggest that the memories of people practising mindfulness meditation were being negatively affected.

 However, closer inspection of the findings revealed something subtly different. What the research actually showed was that some people, whilst in a meditative state, could not clearly distinguish between what was real and what was imagined. 

This is exactly how hypnotherapy works to bring about positive change. 

Brain scan experiments show that people visualising an experience whilst in a hypnotic trance  (which is very, very similar to a meditative state), use exactly the same part of the brain, the visual cortex, as when they actually undertake the experience. 

This suggests that, during hypnosis, the brain cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. 

Thus a skilled a hypnotherapist, using the right techniques and carefully chosen language can guide someone to believe that they are the person they want to be e.g. a healthy eater, or a non-smoker or phobia-free etc. 

So, during this process, what is being changed; a) memories of actual events or b) unhelpful, self-limiting beliefs? 

I would argue the latter. 

The biggest single factor that prevents us making positive changes in our lives is our own belief in ourselves. We remember past failures and disappointments and make the mistake of believing that our past is our future – because it’s always happened, it’s always going to happen.

It isn’t. Positive change is possible and mindfulness-based hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals, quickly and safely. 

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