Feeling Stuck? You May be Experiencing a Symptomatic Trance

Feeling Stuck? You May be Experiencing a Symptomatic Trance

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that we all experience every day of our lives. 

Examples include; when we’re so absorbed in a book, or a game, or a TV programme that we lose track of the world around us. Or, when we’re in that slightly ‘dreamy’ state that occurs just before going to sleep or just before waking up. 

Hypnotherapy uses the state of hypnosis to help bring about positive change. 

However, there are times when hypnosis can be quite destructive. 

One such example is the Symptomatic Trance. 

A symptomatic trance often occurs when we obsess over an event (or potential event) in our lives to the extent that we find it difficult to think of anything else, or engage with the world around us. 

We become stuck. We look inwards instead of outwards and we become less effective in our lives. We only see negative outcomes ahead. 

Symptomatic trance is closely associated with ‘unhealthy negative emotions’ like depression, or anger or guilt. 

If left unchecked, symptomatic trance can quickly wreck lives and relationships. 

So what’s the answer? 

The answer is to break the negative pattern of the symptomatic trance, i.e. stopping focussing inwardly and instead looking out at the world around us. 

The support, encouragement and patience of friends and family is important.

If the negative pattern is deeply ingrained, professional help may be needed. 

Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and CBT (or, a combination of the three) are usually effective.