Are You Blocking Yourself From Wealth and Success?

Are You Blocking Yourself From Wealth and Success?

Are You Blocking Yourself from Attracting Wealth and Success? 

Do you ever wonder why other people seem to effortlessly attract wealth and success into their lives, whilst you never seem to get a break and life always feels like a struggle? 

Deep down, you know that you’re just as good as your wealthy, successful friends, but you can’t work out why they achieve and you don’t. 

The answer may lie within you. 

Self-limiting beliefs are one of the most common ways that we humans can prevent ourselves from fulfilling our potential. Often referred to as core beliefs because they are a core part of our subconscious programming, they are very powerful. They often stem from early childhood (some people even argue that they are ‘hard-wired’ into our genetic make-up). 

When core beliefs are positive and helpful, they allow us to respond constructively to situations we encounter and help our lives to flow. 

Sometimes though, circumstances in our early lives dictate that the core beliefs we form reflect a flawed view of reality. They may serve a positive purpose for us at that specific time but, when that purpose has passed, they only serve to limit us later in our lives. Thus, when we encounter certain situations, these flawed, but very powerful core beliefs, which are stored in our subconscious mind, sabotage our true intentions and prevent us from achieving what we’d really like to do. 

Money is one of the main areas where limiting core beliefs can make a huge negative impact. Some of the most common ones are: 

–         I never have enough…

–         I don’t deserve…

–         I have to work hard to earn money…

–         Life is always a struggle…

–         Money’s a dirty word…

–         And, of course, money doesn’t grow on trees… 

The very concept of money can generate strong resistance in many people.  Some people genuinely believe that it is wrong to have money. Now, we all know that lots of terrible actions are taken to acquire money, but, the reality is that in our current society, we all need money to survive and, if we’re honest, most of us would welcome it flowing to us more easily and more abundantly.

At this point I want to tell you a true story about good friend of mine who reframed one of his own limiting, core beliefs around money and changed his relationship with abundance and took control of his life. 

He grew up in a family where the means were limited. His parents did their best, and he never wanted for anything truly important, but for various reasons, his family continually struggled with finances. As a result, his parents had to teach him financial realities that were correct at the time, as they made it clear to him that there were many things that the family couldn’t afford. 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees” was a phrase that he heard repeatedly as a child. As a boy with an active imagination, he invented in his mind, a money tree in the back garden. However, slowly and surely, the struggles of his family life eroded his creativity and the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees” embedded itself into his subconscious mind and became a core belief. 

When he started work, he was ‘programmed’ to attract a job where money was a struggle. He worked hard because his core belief programmed him to do so, but he earned so little money that his grandmother had to buy the suits that he needed for work.

After three years in this position he was very good at his job but was frustrated at earning so little and seeing no apparent way to progress. He was only able to survive because he still lived in the family home. That core subconscious belief stemming back to childhood was limiting his whole life. 

Then, one day on the train to work, he had a life-changing experience. Whilst daydreaming about things he couldn’t afford, he recalled his parents’ well-meaning words from childhood echoing in his subconscious. 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees” 

And, as he remembered the words, he thought about them. Bank notes are ‘paper money’. Paper comes from wood. Wood comes from trees. So, logically he reasoned, that despite what his parents said… money does grow on trees after all. He found himself repeating the phrase ‘money does grow on trees’ over and over to himself. 

That evening, and this is true, when he got off the train he found a five pound note on the walk home. He took that as a sign of good luck, so whenever he had a few minutes spare to daydream, he imagined that money tree and silently affirmed to himself:

  • Money does grow on trees 
  • Money does grow on trees 

And guess what – his life changed. A lucky break at work was followed by a big promotion. Within 3 months his salary had tripled and in less than 2 years it had increased seven fold. He bought a house, a car and could finally afford to buy pretty much anything that he needed.

 Today, that friend of mine runs his own business and lives a very enjoyable and highly rewarding life on his own terms. 

And now, you too have that potential to learn from my friend and enjoy your share of life’s rewards by following his advice below: 

Know what you want 

Be clear about exactly what you want, no detail is too small. I had a client recently who, fed up with renting, wanted to own her own house. We discussed what sort of house it would be, what it would look like and how it would be decorated. Within a few weeks, she had developed a detailed plan of how to get the house and in less than a year she had the house. 

Value yourself 

Value yourself as a person, value all your skills and experiences and even value your mistakes as learning opportunities. When you value yourself, you subconsciously allow yourself to be open to and accepting of life’s rewards. 

Remove blocks and self-limiting beliefs 

The world is full of money. We are surrounded by all the things we aspire to have. We know people who have attracted abundance into their lives. So, the facts are; i) what we want exists and b) it is possible to obtain it. It’s not about deserving anything or being entitled to anything, it’s about opening yourself up to accept it. 


Affirmations help you reprogram negative, limiting beliefs. My friend started with ‘Money does grow on trees’, but then moved on to the following: 

  • I am open to and accepting of life’s rewards
  • I welcome abundance into my life
  • I am rich in every sense of the word 

Say these to yourself with great conviction and self-belief (preferably in front of a mirror) several times a day.

Good luck! 

Many thanks to DB for the inspiration and advice.