Achieve Positive Change With The Control Room of Your Mind

Achieve Positive Change With The Control Room of Your Mind

If you’d like to feel more confident in challenging situations, it’s definitely worth trying the Control Room of Your Mind

It’s one of the mostly consistently successful techniques I’ve used over the last 10 years. 

All you need is a little imagination, a bit of practice and before you know it, you’ll find that once-difficult situations will hardly trouble you at all. 

The following simple steps will help you get started: 

  1. Imagine what the control room of your mind would look like. Would it be ultra-modern and hi-tech, or, perhaps old fashioned and quaint? Select a place that suits you and your personality and somewhere that you’d feel comfortable in.
  2. Choose the controls. Would they be something physical like dials or levers or maybe like the controls on a computer screen? Again, pick controls that you can easily imagine and which feel right to you.
  3. Decide what you want to change about yourself. For example, you might want to feel more confident about losing weight.  At first, I would advise focussing on two or three related areas like; self-confidence, commitment and determination. It’s best to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want, i.e. improving positive attributes rather than reducing negative ones. As you get more proficient at using the control room of your mind, you can become more ambitious about what you change.
  4. Next, imagine the current ‘settings’ of each of the areas you want to change. If self-confidence is an issue, you’ll probably imagine the current setting as quite low. You obviously want to increase your self-confidence, but to be effective, the improvement needs to be credible or your subconscious mind will reject it. So, don’t go straight to the maximum setting, instead make steady increases over several sessions. Patience pays off.
  5. When you’re clear about everything, i.e. the control room, the controls, the areas for change and the new settings, you’re ready to go.
  6. Choose a place and a time when you won’t be disturbed. Switch off phones and devices.
  7. Make yourself comfortable ensuring that that your head and body weight are fully supported.
  8. Close your eyes and, while breathing deeply; slowly count down from 10 to 1. Tell yourself that when you get to 1 you will be in the Control Room of Your Mind.
  9. Don’t rush, take your time. Once you’re in the Control Room of Your Mind, make your changes, double check them and, when you’re ready, count back up from 1 to 10 to bring yourself back to full conscious awareness.

 Keep practising and making gradual improvements and you’ll feel the benefits very quickly. 

Once you get used to the technique and confident with it, you’ll be able to access the Control Room of Your Mind just by thinking about it. 

Good luck!