A Tribute to Helen

A Tribute to Helen

Years ago,  when I was training to be a hypnotherapist, I asked for the help of volunteers (‘guinea pigs’ would be a more accurate term), to help me practise basic things like relaxation.

Looking back, it’s clear to me now that I wasn’t very good – enthusiastic but not very skilled. Some people achieved very deep levels of relaxation and some didn’t… It was a bit nerve-wracking for a novice, especially when the volunteers voiced their displeasure at my incompetence.

One lady though was extremely patient and encouraging. Her name was Helen and, if truth be told, I think she relaxed me more than I did her. After the session, she gave me very detailed and objective feedback which helped me far more than any text book or tutorial.

Later, after I had qualified, she came back to see me, this time as a client. Over the years we worked together on a number of occasions and I always found her very inspiring. No matter what life threw at her she faced it down and never felt sorry for herself. I often wondered if I should be paying her and not the other way round.

People who know me know that one of my (many) sayings is that Mr Unexpected will always come calling and that very often he’ll bring Mr Unwanted with him. The point being that; if we expect life to always be perfect, we won’t be prepared to deal with life’s inevitable challenges and setbacks.

About 18 months ago, Helen announced that Messrs Unexpected and Unwanted had been to visit and that she had a very serious illness. She fought the illness with amazing courage and dignity always looking for the positive in every situation. I was humbled to witness this.

The illness finally got the better of her earlier this week.

It was a privilege to know her and work with her. Her advice and encouragement all those years ago had a major positive influence on my development.